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 What anime have you seen?

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PostSubject: What anime have you seen?   Sun 13 Aug - 14:39

Post what anime shows you've watched in this topic! Very Happy

The ones that i've seen from first to latest would be:

1.Pokemon (I do like to play the games now but the show. Not as good)
2.DragonBall Z (Still a fu**in awesome show)
3.Inuyasha (Its gay now)
4.Naruto (Best show ever Very Happy)
5.Fullmetal Alchamest (Got boring after a while. OK)
6.Zatch Bell (It still airs. I still watch it. Yeah Razz)
7.One Peice
8.Tokyo Mew Mew (Alright i guess scratch )
9.Samurai Champloo (Awesome show! Almost behind naruto)
10.Ouran High School Host Club (Funny! XD Yes this is one of my favorites)
11. Bleach (Better than any of these)

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PostSubject: Re: What anime have you seen?   Sun 13 Aug - 17:32

1.) inuyasha (Oh boy... over 100 episodes of getting kidnapped, loosing the jewel shards, getting kidnapped again, then loosing the jewel shards again...)
2.) Tokyo mew mew (Quite girly but the manga is way better I was so pissed off by the anime so I don't watch it.)
3.) Naruto (I love naruto)
4.) Fooly Cooly (Makes no sense but is one of the best anime shows I've seen)
5.) Zatch bell
6.) Samuri champloo (Sp? Well this show is funny and a good anime show to watch)
7.) Code lyoko (omg I loved the older episodes of code lyoko!)
8.) Pokemon (The newer episodes are gay. I like the older episodes because they are more 'anime like' and not so childish.)
9.) One piece (funny funny funny)
10.) Shamen king (Omg I loved this anime. The guys looked so hot when they fought eachother.)
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PostSubject: Re: What anime have you seen?   Tue 15 Aug - 11:17

Ok the Anime's I've seen are.....

1. Galaxy Angel (No one even knows of it.)
3. Zatch Bell
4.Inyuasha However you spell it.
5. Code Lyoko w00t go Yumi!
6.Mysterious Play

That's about it xD lol



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PostSubject: Re: What anime have you seen?   Fri 1 Sep - 13:40

Inader zim (wait does that count... well it`s still wasome Razz)

Zatch Bell (it used to be cool I don`t wach alot of tv so I don`t know about the new episodes)

Naruto (Cool it`s the morst Pwnage filled show!)

One pice (Awsome cool sweet PWNess)
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PostSubject: Re: What anime have you seen?   

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What anime have you seen?
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