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PostSubject: Applcation   Fri 16 Mar - 18:09

What's your furre name?: Asheina

What's your gender?: Female Very Happy

How old are you IC/OOC?: IC= 12 OCC= 13

How long have you been playing furcadia?: Hmm.... Couple years or so.

How long do you play furcadia a day during the week?: Almost everyday xD

How long do you play furcadia a day on the weekends?: Every day! Smile

What times are you on furcadia (FST)?: Sometimes from 3 to 5.... Other times 1:30 to about 5 again.

Can you make bots?: Sorry... I tried and I couldn't do it.

Can you make patches? If so would you donate patches to FMH?: I I could then yes, I would.

Are you a beekin? What kind?: No..

Have you worked in any other bahs? If so what are the names?: I worked at this BaH once Smile But none others...

Who are the two owners of the dream?: Wasted and Aiyame

Full moon homes is an alt... Who's alt is it?: Aiyame's

Do you know any DS?: I know alittle bit.

Would you be willing to afk in full moon homes day and night if the uploaders had to go on a vacation?: Yes, absolutely.

Why do you want to work here?: Because when I worked here before, I really liked it. So I want to do it again.

Who would recommend you?: Hmm... I'm not really sure. Who ever wants to I guess xD

What are your best qualities as a staff?: Well, I am kind, helpful, and willing to do alot.

Some one comes into the dream and they are completly new to furcadia and the whole build a home thing. How would you explain bahs to them? What would you say?: I would probably tell them all the things that come with getting a house. And what you can do in one. All the things you can get. And all the other places you could go in Furcadia.

Would you advertise for the dream?: Of course I would. Because it's soo awesome!

Do you like pie?: Who doesn't? tongue

Why should I hire you?: Because I could help alot!

Anything you would like staff to know?: Hmm... Stay cool?
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PostSubject: Re: Applcation   Fri 16 Mar - 18:22

You know what... You're a nice person and since you worked here before I'll hire ya. Wink
Application Accepted.
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