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PostSubject: Application.   Sat 17 Mar - 11:24

What's your furre name?: Clemeh

What's your gender?: Male

How old are you IC/OOC?: 12/12

How long have you been playing furcadia?: For about a year

How long do you play furcadia a day during the week?: Dunno.. Um maybe.. 6 hours?

How long do you play furcadia a day on the weekends?: All day, 22 hours lmao sometimes.

What times are you on furcadia (FST)?: Oh gosh, FST hard to figure out.. probobably 4:30 - 10:30 weekdays and 9:30 - 10:30 Weekends? I'm not sure.

Can you make bots?: Yes definitely.

Can you make patches? If so would you donate patches to FMH?: No but Yes if i could.

Are you a beekin? What kind?: No i'm not.

Have you worked in any other bahs? If so what are the names?: Yunas Build A Home! And Tokyo Homes

Who are the two owners of the dream?: Full Moon Homes & Defused

Full moon homes is an alt... Who's alt is it?: Aiyame.

Do you know any DS?: Yes

Would you be willing to afk in full moon homes day and night if the uploaders had to go on a vacation?: I'd Try, but most likely I can't Sad

Why do you want to work here?: Because I like BaHs and I like Full Moon homes because my friend works here.

Who would recommend you?: My friend, Don't remember her name..

What are your best qualities as a staff?: Tolerant, Kind, Patient.

Some one comes into the dream and they are completly new to furcadia and the whole build a home thing. How would you explain bahs to them? What would you say?: Omgosh Every Application form for BaH has this, This will take me forever. Ill use the one i used on the other forum:
First of All, Build a Home is a Dream that a Person has made to let YOU the customer make your own home.
But, How do I do this?
You simply get an item. For example, in this dream, type 'items'. See? Its taken you to a COMPLETELY different place.
This room is called, 'The Items room' Its very big and contains lots of items for you to decorate your house!
But, Before we decorate, lets get a house first! Go to the 'desk' get there by simply typing 'desk' and pressing enter!
Okay, Lets find a member of staff, You will find them by seeing these Little things called Roxxes that have wings.
Found one? Cool! Say to him/her 'Please may I buy house (whatever house number you want.) . They will then go to that
House and Turn the For Sale sign into a Sold Sign , And them emit 'House # Sold to (Your Name!).
Now, Lets get an item. Type 'items' choose an item! Oh yes, I like that pillow too! Pick it up, press f2! Dont worry, it wont dissapear.
This dream is specially dragonspeaked so that the item will never run out! And No, This server wont get full of items, You and Staf
Can Delete them.
Now, Put your item down where you want it, See? Its there. Ready for you to sit on in comfort.
You may also get floors, Type 'floors' See? Were in a place filles with floors. Now, go ontop of the one you like. Type 'cfloor' that automatically copies the floor.
And now, Go to your house, and paste it by typing 'pfloor' ! So cool. Be careful though, Sometimes they will be overwrited by other people copying.
Dont Argue over it though! Just simply go back to a floor and type 'cfloor' It will copy again. Now, I bet your wondering,
How do I lock and unlock my house, Can I even do that?
Of course you can! Do you see that floor with a lock on it? Bump into that, It will lock and unlock your house.

So, Enjoy creating a house!!!!

NOTE: It might not be fully correct!

Would you advertise for the dream?: Yes definately.

Do you like pie?: No unfortunately Sad

Why should I hire you?: Because I love to work in BaHs And currently, im really desperate lols.

Anything you would like staff to know?: Um.. Hello?
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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Sat 17 Mar - 13:55

Hmm... Who in their right minds doesn't like pie?! Well, other then that pie thing your application was detailed, pretty much. I guess you would make a good staff member.

I recommend!

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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Sat 17 Mar - 14:15


but still, you seem like a very good employee (:

I recommend!

omg, socks.
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Princess Vilet


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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Sat 17 Mar - 16:03

Wow. I like it Smile
Very detailed. flower

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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Mon 19 Mar - 8:00

Application Accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Application.   

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