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PostSubject: Application   Sun 18 Mar - 16:14

What's your furre name?:
Titanis walleri

What's your gender?:

How old are you IC/OOC?:
IC:15 OOC:14

How long have you been playing furcadia?:
ehh let me see oh yea 5 years

How long do you play furcadia a day during the week?:
A few hours xp

How long do you play furcadia a day on the weekends?:
Sometimes the whole day Very Happy

What times are you on furcadia (FST)?:
Random Times

Can you make bots?:
No D:

Can you make patches? If so would you donate patches to FMH?:
Not That much

Are you a beekin? What kind?:
Not a beekin

Have you worked in any other bahs? If so what are the names?:
Twilight Bah,Star Homes

Who are the two owners of the dream?:
Rubri and The Twilight Bah (That's her real name xp) and JQ jenny and umm Wolfpawz and Tainy

Full moon homes is an alt... Who's alt is it?:

Do you know any DS?:

Would you be willing to afk in full moon homes day and night if the uploaders had to go on a vacation?:
I can't Afk D: But If i could I would try

Why do you want to work here?:
I love working In Bahs Very Happy They Are so Fun also I'm not a noob

Who would recommend you?:
I don't know

What are your best qualities as a staff?:
Welll I don't spam emit, I'm nice, I try to Befriend, also I'm always at work Very Happy

Some one comes into the dream and they are completly new to furcadia and the whole build a home thing. How would you explain bahs to them? What would you say?:Echem Hello welcome to Full moon homes! I know you are new but.... I'll Tell you what you do at a bah! Mostly Bah means Build a Home By the name you can Pretty Much tell what it means, It means to Build A home Razz. Mostly There are items or all the time there are items to get to them Say the commands to get to the items!To Get a home you must go to the desk and ask for the home you want but make sure the Sign says for sale not sold Or it won't be sold to you. There are also Problems With bahs 1 problem is Noobs, They Are The furres who Spam, and Talk With bad Grammar, Also Never allow Anyone in your home unless they are Staff or people you have adopted.Never B&E or Break and entering Or it will get you Banned, Also read the rules if you read the rules then you got less the chance of getting Banned.

Would you advertise for the dream?:
Mhm Like a Star @ heaven

Do you like pie?:

Why should I hire you?:
I Will be an Awsome Staff Very Happy

Anything you would like staff to know?:
No Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Tue 20 Mar - 12:43

Application Accepted.

P.s. I saw you working at Twilight's bah one day Razz You're a good staff
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Sat 31 Mar - 16:56

yea I saw you At twilight Bah Unfortuneatly they Fired me ;-; (Due to Not coming much...) Though I did come When Rubri Was there And Twilight Didn't know..
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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