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 Application to replace TheDark2233

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PostSubject: Application to replace TheDark2233   Tue 26 Jun - 15:39

Here is the application you must fill out to become a staff member. The more time and effort you put into it the more likely you will be hired. Staff may post on applications to recommend or not recommend. Have fun!
(Remember staff, you have to work with the people who are hired. I know I wouldn't want to work with a noob)

What's your furre name?:

What's your gender?:

How old are you IC/OOC?:
13 / 12

How long have you been playing furcadia?:
2 years or more

How long do you play furcadia a day during the week?:
12-32 hours

How long do you play furcadia a day on the weekends?:
1-10 hours

What times are you on furcadia (FST)?:

Can you make bots?:

Can you make patches? If so would you donate patches to FMH?:
I can make patches and I would love to donate to the dream.

Are you a beekin? What kind?:
No I am not a beekin.

Have you worked in any other bahs? If so what are the names?:
I work in Doxie shoreline, and staria homes.

Who are the two owners of the dream?:
Full moon homes, and Aiyame.

Full moon homes is an alt... Who's alt is it?:

Do you know any DS?:
Yes I do.

Would you be willing to afk in full moon homes day and night if the uploaders had to go on a vacation?:
Yes I would make a bot for it.

Why do you want to work here?:
I do work here

Who would recommend you?:
Aiyame, and 100cutsto.

What are your best qualities as a staff?:
Individuality and helpfulness.

Some one comes into the dream and they are completly new to furcadia and the whole build a home thing. How would you explain bahs to them? What would you say?:
I would tell them "Hello, I am Desprate and you are in Full Moon Homes by Aiyame. and I will be your guide today. First we will talk about The Rules. 1)Do not spam. 2) Do not keep asking for a house. 3)Do not whisper for a house that is being lazy. 4)Come to the desk if you have a question. 5) Do not breck into other peoples houses unless you have permission from the owner. I think that is it for now but now to the next part of our tour. The house check. The house check is when you rent a house it does not stay there forever. Every hour or so the house check is held and you must be in front of your yard when a house check is going on if you are no then your house will be forsale again but you can get another one, but the house check is not over untill an emit says " House check is over. You may continue decorating your houses." that is when you can get a house again ok we are done with house checks. now the commands this if you need a bit of help. Now there is music to this dream you say m# replace the # with a number from 1-30. Now the items. The items room is where you find furniture for your house you say items to get there, this room is to decorate your house when you find the item you want you go on top of it and press f2 that makes you pick the items up and when you go to your house find were you want it to be and press f2 again BUT WAIT what if someone breaks into your house while you are out of it!!! that is why we have passwords. Passwords are thereso when you leave your house you can keep it locked to set it you go infront of the lock and say !pass#### replace #### with a four digit password of your choice then to unlock your house you go infront of the door on the outside of it then say !unlock#### replace the #### with the four digit password you set. Now I think it is enough for now you will find out alot more when you experiance more about this bah I will stop guiding you for now if you need help just ask a staff member by going to the desk ok thankyou for your cooperation."

Would you advertise for the dream?:
Yes I would love to.

Do you like pie?:
Yes I do I like apple pie the most.

Why should I hire you?:
I am already hired.

Anything you would like staff to know?:
Nothing This is only an application for AIYAME to see because this application is to be co-owner.
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PostSubject: Re: Application to replace TheDark2233   Tue 26 Jun - 21:02

hmm... You've been helping a lot of people in the dream and you've also helped keep it up during the night. You spent a long time on the first application (Which was lost when you presses the back button) and yet you take even more time out of your life to type up another application. What's more? You bolded the answers and made them easy to read.
I think you've worked hard for this.
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PostSubject: Re: Application to replace TheDark2233   Tue 26 Jun - 23:01

Yes, thankyou very much.

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PostSubject: Re: Application to replace TheDark2233   Thu 8 Nov - 17:53

holy crap, that color thing is so cool~ xD


omg, socks.
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PostSubject: Re: Application to replace TheDark2233   

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Application to replace TheDark2233
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